I would like to strengthen my collaboration

I would like to start collaboration

I would like to strengthen my collaboration

When your organisation is already part of a collaboration, e.g. a sectoral, regional or supply chain cooperation, you can elaborate this cooperation to further increase the digital resilience. This will effect both your own organisation as well as the cooperation as a whole. There are different ways to do so.

Starting a collective CSIRT

A collective computer security incident response team (CSIRT) is a form of cooperation that can arise from an existing cooperation (e.g. an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre), whereby CSIRT-services are carried out for multiple organisations. A collective CSIRT acts as a coordinator when one or more participating parties experience an incident or crisis.

The team is the dedicated point of contact for both participants and non-affiliated organisations. In addition, the collective CSIRT fulfils the function of information hub by providing interpretations and maintaining an overview. Creating a collective CSIRT increases the capabilities, awareness and resilience of the participating organisations.

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Operationalizing your CSIRT

Have you already started a CSIRT, and would you like to further operationalize it? Use the CSIRT Maturity Toolkit and maturity check. The purpose of this CSIRT Maturity Kit is to help emerging and existing CSIRTs to increase their maturity level. This is achieved by offering a set of best practices that cover CSIRT governance, organization and operations.

More information about a CSIRT Maturity Toolkit