Cybersecurity is a vast domain, it cannot be tackled by a single point of view nor by one organisation alone. IT structures in our society are strongly intertwined, so cooperation in sharing experiences and knowledge is essential. By exchanging knowledge, information and expertise threats can be recognised, identified and warded off. Through cooperation we can increase the digital resilience of the Netherlands.

Working together to increase digital resilience

Would you like to start collaborating? On these website pages we have collected different guides that can help you get started. You can choose the guides that match with the phase your organization is in.

Would you like to start with a collaboration with like-minded organisations? We have compiled different guides that can help you to get started.

Forms of collaboration

For the NCSC the basis of cooperation is equality and trust. We are collaborating with central government and vital infrastructure to enhance the resilience of the Dutch society in the digital domain.

Collaboration occurs in various forms :

  • joined with government parties;
  • cooperation between public and private parties;
  • cooperation between professionals in practice, education and academia;
  • cooperation between international partners.
  • Choose the guide with the collaborating form that fits your needs and questions.