Starting a collective CSIRT

Is your organisation already part of a cooperation and you would like to take the next step and further develop? Starting a collective Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) within your sector, region or supply chain could be the answer. Creating a collective CSIRT increases the capabilities,  awareness and resilience of the participating organisations.

In general, an individual CSIRT has its primary focus within an organisation to increase the digital resilience. A collective CSIRT mainly acts as a coordinator when one or more participating parties experience an incident or crisis. The benefits of a collective CSIRT are increased capabilities during incidents, increased costs efficiency, customized information and interpretation and a better provision of information-exchange.

Guide to start a collective CSIRT

To help you get started with setting up a collective CSIRT, the NCSC has drafted this guide with lessons learned. Herein three stages are presented to help you create a successful collective CSIRT.

More information?

Make use of experiences and download the guide through the link below. Would you like to increase the digital resilience of your organisation but are you not part of a collaboration yet? Here you will find more information.
Have you already started a CSIRT and do you want to further operationalise it? See the CSIRT Maturity Toolkit to increase the maturity of your CSIRT.