CSIRT Maturity Toolkit

You have started a CSIRT and would like to professionalise. Before you start doing so it is important to get an better overview of the current maturity level of your CSIRT. Therefore, the NCSC has created the CSIRT Maturity Toolkit.

In order to achieve the predetermined goals of your CSIRT in the rapidly evolving cyber-threat landscape, it is important to keep strengthening your CSIRT to be able to cope with new challenges. Only when a team is mature, it provides support to other teams.

The CSIRT Maturity Toolkit identifies and offers suggestions for improving five areas of CSIRT maturity:

  1. Foundation - Creating and laying the foundation of your CSIRT
  2. Organisation - Creating internal structures and join the right networks
  3. Human - Selecting and developing the most important asset of your team
  4. Tools - Selecting and developing appropriate automation and infrastructure
  5. Processes - Identifying and formalising the core services of your CSIRT

Would you like to increase the maturity of your CSIRT? Download the Maturity Toolkit via the link below.