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  1. Cloud Act requests

    Report | 23-11-2022

  2. NIS2 Impact Study

    Publication | 12-10-2022

  3. NCSC Research Agenda 2023-2026

    Publication | 11-10-2022

  4. Ransomware incident response plan

    Ransomware can have a very disruptive effect on organisations. And what do you do then? Or how can you prepare for this? The NCSC ...

    Publication | 17-08-2022

  5. Memo Cloud Act

    Publication | 16-08-2022

  6. Factsheet Mature authentication - use of secure authentication tools

    Factsheet | 09-06-2022

  7. PKIoverheid will stop issuing web certificates: Choose another issuer

    Logius will stop issuing publicly trusted web server certificates in the PKIoverheid system. If your organisation is currently ...

    Factsheet | 04-11-2021

  8. Factsheet 'Prepare for Zero Trust'

    More and more organizations are applying Zero Trust principles, and the need for the implementation of these principles is ...

    Factsheet | 18-08-2021

  9. TNO 2021 R10245 Vraagstukken en perspectieven voor ICT SCRM – een initiële verkenning (in Dutch)

    Report | 28-04-2021

  10. Using the Software Bill of Materials for Enhancing Cybersecurity

    Modern software systems involve increasingly complex and dynamic supply chains. Lack of systemic visibility into the composition ...

    Report | 04-02-2021