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  1. SOC of the future

    Security monitoring and incident response will face major challenges in the coming years, as the complexity of infrastructures, ...

    Publication | 27-06-2024

  2. Factsheet Managing edge devices

    Factsheet | 10-06-2024 | NCSC

  3. The future of cyber attacks with Large Language Models

    TNO and NCSC have conducted an exploration to try to identify how the impact of Large Language Models (LLMs), underlying ...

    Publication | 21-05-2024

  4. Threat modeling in Dutch organizations

    Many products consist largely of software. Think, for example, of your smartphone, your robot vacuum cleaner, banking ...

    Publication | 07-05-2024

  5. Security by Behavioural Design: A Feasibility Study

    To improve end-user behaviour, many organisations turn to awareness campaigns or training initiatives. The first uses posters, ...

    Publication | 09-04-2024

  6. Make your organization quantum secure

    Quantum computers will have sufficient computing power to break many of the most commonly used forms of cryptography between 2030 ...

    Publication | 25-03-2024

  7. Managing Insider Threats

    Insiders can pose a significant risk to your organization. The impact of an insider threat can be devastating. Unlike ...

    Publication | 22-03-2024

  8. The need for a Cyber Security Information System

    The Network and Information Security 2 Directive (NIS2) was officially published in the EU Official Journal on December 27th, ...

    Publication | 22-02-2024

  9. Factsheet protect domains against phishing

    Publication | 20-02-2024

  10. PGP-key

    Publication | 02-01-2024