National Detection Network

National Detection Network

Our critical infrastructure is of crucial importance to the Netherlands. Cyber threats pose a major risk, and can also affect your organisation.

The central government is working with critical suppliers to secure the Netherlands' digital infrastructure through a National Detection Network: the NDN.

The NDN allows for the easy and effective sharing of threat information, expertise and advice.

It offers participants a secure environment in which to share this information and work together.

This is how it works:

The National Cyber Security Centre, the NCSC, gathers information on digital threats. It analyses and enriches this data, which is then made available to all affiliated organisations.

In the event of a potential threat, the NCSC will send threat information to all affiliated organisations.

Organisations that detect a threat report this to the NCSC, which can then inform all other participants.

This allows the affiliated organisations to determine whether they have also been exposed and take appropriate measures where necessary.

The NDN works to ensure a cyber-secure Netherlands. Participation is open to all central government organisations and critical suppliers.

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