Start your own cybersecurity collaboration

Cybersecurity is a vast domain, it cannot be tackled by a single point of view nor by one organisation alone. IT structures in our society are strongly intertwined, so cooperation in sharing experiences and knowledge is essential. By exchanging knowledge, information and expertise threats can be recognised, identified and warded off.

The NCSC has developed four guides that could help you in starting your own cybersecurity collaboration in your sector, region or supply chain. Organisations already working closely together can make use of an advanced guide to grow towards a collective Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

Lessons learned

The Netherlands approach to public-private cooperation is unique and is build upon three important core values: trust, shared interests and equality. Public-private cooperation is crucial to increase the digital resilience of  society. Collaboration with other organisations is essential to take the next step in strengthening the resilience of your organization.
In recent years many successful collaborations are created by the NCSC and its partners inside the government and vital infrastructures. These guides are based on the lessons learned from this collaboration.

The guides are the result of close cooperation between the NCSC and the Digital Trust Center aiming to give an extra boost to one of the ambitions of the National Cyber Security Agenda: to create a nationwide network of cybersecurity partnerships.

Starting your own collaboration

Would you like to start your own cybersecurity collaboration, or do you want to extend your collaboration to a collective CSIRT?  And would it be best for your organisation to collaborate in your sector, region or supply chain?

On this website you'll  find new information to help your organization in making these choices. You can also use these guides to encourage other organisations to start a collaboration.