Regional cooperation

You would like to start a regional cooperation. To collaborate within a regional ecosystem you will increase the digital resilience of your organisation through a network of contacts nearby. In the long run this can turn into a boost of the security of other organisations in your region.

Collaboration in your regional ecosystem

A regional ecosystem is characterised by a network of relations. It encloses a large number of groups which interact with each other for a range of purposes – private businesses, government bodies, individuals, processes and smart devices. By working together you increase the resilience of the whole ecosystem and of each individual organisation within the regional ecosystem. The collaboration itself consists of individual bodies that have mutual dependencies.

Trust is key to exchange knowledge and experiences in relation to cybersecurity, and with physical proximity trust is quickly established and easy to maintain. A regional ecosystem will give all included parties new opportunities.

Guide to starting a regional collaboration

To help you get started with establishing a regional cooperation, the NCSC has drafted this guide with lessons learned. Herein three stages are presented to help you create a successful regional cooperation.