Collaboration within a supply chain

Digital threats concern all organisations, in a supply chain to a greater or lesser degree. Increasingly more organisations are actively working on extending their digital resilience. When different organisations are working together in a chain, all participants in the chain need to assess their risks and take security measures.

The organisations in a chain depend on each other’s efforts to reduce risks to an acceptable level. If only one link in the chain takes measurements, the other participants are still at risk. Therefore collective measures must be taken suitable for the entire supply chain.

Increasing digital chain resilience does not occur of its own accord. It requires collaboration, coordination, (strategic) vision, investment, persuasiveness and insight into chain risks and mutual dependencies that are sometimes difficult to fully understand. But if you want to increase the digital resilience of your own organisation, chain collaboration is a suitable means to achieve this.

The impact of incidents on the entirety of participants in a chain is often greater than the impact on your own organisation in itself. Moreover, by working together you increase the capacity to recognise vulnerabilities and mitigate the risks from them.

Guide to starting a supply chain collaboration

To help you starting a supply chain collaboration, the NCSC has drafted this guide with lessons learned. Herein three stages are presented to help you create a successful supply chain cooperation.