Gijs, International Relations Advisor

"A threat in Germany is a potential threat to our country and vice versa. To this end, the NCSC invests strongly in its network, both nationally and internationally."

International cooperation

Digital networks are not confined by national borders. The effects of digital incidents in other countries can also affect the Netherlands. Cooperation with other countries allows us to tackle digital threats and the consequences of international incidents. Our foreign partners, both public and private, also want to make their target groups cyber secure. We gain insight into current threats by working together with the CSIRTs of various countries and organisations.

Digital resilience is an international challenge as well

We work together with all our partners on improving the digital resilience of the Netherlands as well as European and global resilience. For this reason, we place topics that contribute to cyber secure network traffic across the entire world on the agenda of the European and international playing field. We also actively share our lessons learned and threat information with international partners, while we make use of their knowledge and expertise as well.

International cooperation within the cyber security domain depends entirely on mutual trust. Thanks to its international cooperation, the NCSC can anticipate new developments and trends beyond our national borders. In identifying developments that could have affect cyber security in the Netherlands, we can help our target groups to improve their digital resilience.

European networks

The EU CSIRTs Network is a forum in which members can exchange information and knowledge about cyber security incidents with each other as well as build mutual trust. Its members deal jointly with incidents that have an impact across national borders. This forum also facilitates a common European response to incidents.

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The European Government CERTs (EGC) group is an operational group which focuses on the technology behind incident response. This EGC group comprises the CERTs of European governments on an informal basis.

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The TF-CSIRT is a task force for facilitating cooperation between CSIRTs in Europe and neighbouring countries as well as coordinating liaisons with relevant organisations in other regions and on a global scale. TF-CSIRT provides a platform for cooperation and maintains a system for registering as well as accrediting CSIRTs. Click through to the website and find out how you can become a member of TF-CSIRT.

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International organizations

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) is the European agency for cyber security in Europe. ENISA is working on improving the quality level of NIS (Network and Information Security) within the European Union. In addition, ENISA is supporting the implementation of EU policy and legislation relating to NIS. The NCSC is an active member of the ENISA Management Board, which determines the priorities for the agency. We also fulfil the National Liaison Officer function, being the first point of contact for ENISA in the Netherlands.

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International networks

The global demand for cyber capacity to take advantage of the economic and social benefits offered by cyber technology is growing. At the same time, the possible misuse of new cyber technology is increasing. The Netherlands is committed to improving our internal and internal security by increasing the capacity of cyberspace.

Within this framework, the NCSC is working together with various Dutch ministries on an international forum: the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE). In this global forum, nations, internationally operating organisations and enterprises share their best practices and expertise. Within the GFCE, public and private partners develop practical initiatives to increase cyber capacity.

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The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) has been set up to collaborate with others on a global scale with the aim of finding solutions to complex cyber security problems. As a member of FIRST, the NCSC actively participates in Special Interest Groups on such matters as the Traffic Light Protocol and Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure to learn about best practices as well as to exchange knowledge and information. Click through to the website and find out how you as a CSIRT can become a member of FIRST.

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The International Watch and Warning Network (IWWN) is a global network of government representatives from 15 countries which safeguards policy and the operational implementation of cyber security. The NCSC is a member of the IWNN and is the Dutch point of contact. It acts as coordinator during crises, organises exercises, stimulates information sharing and cooperation.

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