Maarten, advisor

''What makes me proud of my work is my colleagues: the team of people here who perform important work with great enthusiasm thanks to the position of the NCSC and its network. They are all equally enthusiastic people who are mad about the profession and who share my drive to make the Netherlands as well as the world more cyber secure.''

About the NCSC

We are the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). As experts, we are working on a cyber secure Netherlands. The digital infrastructure is vitally important: to payment services, clean tap water and flood prevention.

We understand the vulnerabilities and threats in the digital domain. We identify and clarify risks and trends. The knowledge that we accumulate is widely accessible.

We connect parties, knowledge and information. As a government organisation, we are the linchpin in a network of national and international partners.

We prevent social damage and mitigate threats. We provide expert support and advice. Our investigations, analyses and products provide an immediate action framework. We are on standby 24/7 in case of a crisis.

We do not do so on our own. Through collaboration, we add value in all of these areas. By being reliable and effective, we are facilitating the digital resilience of the Netherlands step by step. Together, we are making the Netherlands more cyber secure.


The NCSC forms part of the Ministry of Justice and Security. Corine Schipper - Derkse is acting director of the NCSC.