Cybersecurity is a focus area that is part of our national security. Recent incidents demonstrate that vital sectors are vulnerable to cyberattacks or disruption. The research community has a habit of looking towards the future. This proactive stance leads to up-to-date knowledge and insight with regard to trends and developments.

Establishing connections between research and innovation

As a result of this collaboration, the NCSC has current and relevant knowledge about and within cybersecurity. Jointly with renowned research institutes, we are working hard on innovative solutions.

Responsibility for cybersecurity is vested with various public and private parties. The NCSC is the link between these parties. We ensure cohesion between the many activities, including for research and innovation. We not only attending national and international meetings but also initiate them.

Our substantive role focuses on the further development of knowledge and innovation. For example, we do so by being involved in research and projects mentioned in the National Cybersecurity Research Agenda (NCSRA). We cooperate with research universities, universities of applied sciences as well as other knowledge and research institutes.

NCSC Research Agenda 2019-2022

The NCSC Research Agenda 2019-2020 focusses on four important themes: Crisis management, Risk management, strategic & social aspect of cyber security, and new technologies. The NCSC aims to balance between fundamental cybersecurity research, applied research, and research to make The Netherlands more secure.

The Research Agenda puts the 2019 Research Vision into practice. It enables us to translate the Dutch Cyber Security Agenda (NCSA: Nederlandse Cyber Security Agenda) into action.

Participating in the NCSRA

Some time ago, the second NCRSA (NCRSA-II) was published. This second publication offers a broad summary of the research fields and awards a central position to the research agenda. Its themes tie in with the National Cyber Security Strategy.

The implementation of NCSRA-II specifically addresses the fifth objective of the strategy: ‘The Netherlands has sufficient cybersecurity knowledge and expertise, and it invests in IT innovation to attain cybersecurity objectives.’
NCSRA-II is also the basis for short- and long-term research at a national and international level.

Educating and training professionals

Thanks to new degree programmes in universities of applied sciences and Master’s programmes in universities, more and more professionals trained in cybersecurity are entering the job market. This trend is of significant interest to the NCSC, not in the least to strengthen its own ranks.

Our collaboration with higher education has meant that students have been able to take the Master's programme in Cybersecurity at the Cyber Security Academy since 2015. This initiative came about in cooperation with Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and the Hague University of Applied Sciences.