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  1. Four cyber security lessons from one year of war in Ukraine

    Cyberattacks related to the war in Ukraine have not yet caused any major disruptions in the Netherlands. Deployed attacks were ...

    Publication | 14-03-2023

  2. Factsheet DNS Encryption

    Modern, encrypted DNS transport protocols make it difficult to monitor and intercept DNS traffic for detection and mitigation ...

    Factsheet | 14-03-2023

  3. The Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy 2022-2028

    In producing the Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy (NLCS), the government’s aim is to achieve a digitally secure Netherlands. ...

    Publication | 31-01-2023

  4. Cloud Act requests

    Report | 23-11-2022

  5. NIS2 Impact Study

    Publication | 12-10-2022

  6. NCSC Research Agenda 2023-2026

    Publication | 11-10-2022

  7. Ransomware incident response plan

    Ransomware can have a very disruptive effect on organisations. And what do you do then? Or how can you prepare for this? The NCSC ...

    Publication | 17-08-2022

  8. Memo Cloud Act

    Publication | 16-08-2022

  9. Factsheet Mature authentication - use of secure authentication tools

    Factsheet | 09-06-2022

  10. PKIoverheid will stop issuing web certificates: Choose another issuer

    Logius will stop issuing publicly trusted web server certificates in the PKIoverheid system. If your organisation is currently ...

    Factsheet | 04-11-2021