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  1. Factsheet Continuity of online services

    During a Distributed Denial-of-Service ((D)DoS) attack, online services or the supporting infrastructure is overburdened or ...

    Factsheet | 14-03-2016

  2. Factsheet Software has an expiry date

    Software vendors regularly make announcements that certain versions of software will no longer be supported after a particular ...

    Factsheet | 21-09-2015

  3. Factsheet Help! My website has been defaced

    To deface a website the attacker changes the content of existing pages or adds new ones. Hundreds of websites are defaced every ...

    Factsheet | 11-05-2015

  4. Factsheet Help! My website is vulnerable to SQL injection

    SQL injection is a popular and frequently used attack on websites, which attackers use to steal large volumes of (client) ...

    Factsheet | 26-01-2015

  5. Factsheet HTTPS could be a lot more secure

    HTTPS is a frequently used protocol for protecting web traffic against parties setting out to eavesdrop on or manipulate the ...

    Factsheet | 05-11-2014

  6. Factsheet Office macros

    There is quite a possibility that your organisation is using Microsoft Office. One of many features offered by Office is macros. ...

    Factsheet | 30-01-2014

  7. Factsheet DNS amplification

    DDoS-attacks have been hitting headlines the last year. In some of these attacks, attackers use a technique called DNS ...

    Factsheet | 04-10-2013