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  1. Factsheet Choosing a messaging app for your organisation

    Using publicly available messaging apps for business communication involves certain risks and has consequences for both your ...

    Factsheet | 31-08-2017

  2. Factsheet Indicators of Compromise

    In order to observe malicious digital activities within an organisation, Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) are a valuable asset. ...

    Factsheet | 01-06-2017

  3. Factsheet Secure the connections of mail servers

    Traditionally, connections between mail servers have hardly been secured. STARTTLS is an extension to provide existing protocols ...

    Factsheet | 04-04-2017

  4. RFC2350

    RFC2350 is een internationale standaard voor Computer Security Incident Response Teams. Deze standaard beschrijft hoe en waarvoor ...

    Publication | 24-01-2017

  5. Factsheet Use virtualisation wisely

    Virtualisation of ICT services ensures more efficient and flexible use of hardware. This factsheet is about specific risks that ...

    Factsheet | 10-08-2016

  6. The Flip Feng Shui attack method: question and answer

    On August the 10th researchers of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Katholieke Universteit Leuven published the Flip Feng ...

    Factsheet | 10-08-2016

  7. Factsheet Your ICS/SCADA and building management systems online

    Malicious persons and security researchers show interest in the (lack of) security of industrial control systems. This relates ...

    Factsheet | 06-06-2016

  8. Factsheet Checklist security of ICS/SCADA systems

    Malicious persons and security researchers show interest in the (lack of) security of industrial control systems (ICS/SCADA ...

    Factsheet | 11-05-2016

  9. Factsheet Disable SSL 2.0 and upgrade OpenSSL

    The NCSC advises to always configure TLS on the basis of the IT security guidelines for Transport Layer Security. Therefore, ...

    Factsheet | 16-03-2016

  10. Factsheet Technical measures for the continuity of online services

    During a Distributed Denial-of-Service ((D)DoS) attack, online services or the supporting infrastructure is overburdened or ...

    Factsheet | 14-03-2016