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  1. NCSC-NL publishes factsheet "PKIoverheid will stop issuing web certificates: Choose another issuer"

    Logius has announced that it will stop issuing publicly trusted web server certificates in the PKIoverheid system. If your ...

    News item | 04-11-2021 | 10:00

  2. NCSC-NL cordially invites you to its research symposium Let’s do Cybersecurity Research Together

    At NCSC-NL we believe that better cybersecurity incident response requires more cooperation and research. Therefore, we proudly ...

    News item | 20-09-2021 | 11:35

  3. Security by Behavioural Design: A Rapid Review

    In 2021, NCSC-NL commissioned Leiden University to carry out a rapid review to gain insight in best practices and potential ...

    News item | 16-09-2021 | 09:25

  4. NCSC-NL publishes factsheet 'Prepare for Zero Trust'

    More and more organizations are applying Zero Trust principles, and the need for the implementation of these principles is ...

    News item | 18-08-2021 | 15:45

  5. NCSC-NL publishes the Guide to Cyber Security Measures

    To increase the digital resilience of companies and organisations, the NCSC-NL has published the newly translated Guide to Cyber ...

    News item | 05-08-2021 | 13:35

  6. Disable Kaseya VSA: possible ransomware attack via supply chain underway

    Kaseya, supplier of IT management software, has announced it is currently investigating a potential ransomware incident. ...

    News item | 03-07-2021 | 00:50

  7. Domains used by Flubot malware now known

    Flubot is mobile-phone malware that spreads via links in SMS messages. Last month, the Dutch police warned of this malicious app ...

    News item | 25-06-2021 | 15:07

  8. Fraudster pretends to be NCSC-NL employee

    We received multiple messages from civilians who were contacted by an individual who pretends to be an employee at NCSC-NL.

    News item | 29-04-2021 | 17:49

  9. Future-proof configurations using the updated TLS guidelines

    NCSC-NL publishes an update to the IT security guidelines for Transport Layer Security (TLS). The secure configuration of TLS is ...

    News item | 19-01-2021 | 10:00

  10. NCSC-NL publishes factsheet PKIoverheid is changing: Coordinate the necessary changes in your ICT processes

    In the coming months, changes will take place in the PKIoverheid system, in order to resolve an issue that was discovered in ...

    News item | 22-12-2020 | 15:29