NCSC publishes Research Agenda 2023 - 2026

One of the pillars of NCSC is sharing knowledge with its target groups and cooperation partners. The research team contributes to the NCSC mission of "understanding, connecting and preventing" by interpreting scientific developments in the cybersecurity field and conducting, outsourcing and supervising relevant research. The Research Agenda 2023-2026 describes the ambitions for the coming period.

The document is used to set out research questions, participate in studies or initiate and conduct studies of their own. To this end, the research team seeks a balance between applied and fundamental research and works together with various partners, such as TNO, universities, universities of applied sciences and private parties.

In the Research Agenda, NCSC approaches cybersecurity research from three angles; the macro, meso and micro levels. This provides research at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. The main themes in the Research Agenda are:

  • Cybersecurity ecosystem
  • Socio-technical cybersecurity: people, processes and technology
  • Technology in cybersecurity

Each year, the research team determines which (sub)themes will be prioritized and further developed into research proposals. This is done on the basis of previous (research) results and current developments, for example, arising from the CSBN and (geo)political developments. For this, the research team would like to ask for input from the NCSC target groups and partners.

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