Fraudster pretends to be NCSC-NL employee

We received multiple messages from civilians who were contacted by an individual who pretends to be an employee at NCSC-NL.

This individual reaches out to his victims by e-mail, using a Gmail e-mailadress that contains 'NCSC'. The fraudster claims to be working for the Cyber Fraud Department at the Ministry of Justice and Safety. In the e-mails he or she requests victims to transfer money that is supposedly used to track down cyber fraudsters.

The NCSC is looking into the possibility to report this fraude to the local authorities. We emphasize that the person who sends these e-mails is not working at NCSC-NL and is not acting on behalf of our organisation. The request that is made to transfer money is not legitimate. If you receive an e-mail from a Gmail e-mailadress that contains ‘NCSC’ with a similar request, please contact us via and report this to your local authorities.