NCSC-NL publishes factsheet PKIoverheid is changing: Coordinate the necessary changes in your ICT processes

In the coming months, changes will take place in the PKIoverheid system, in order to resolve an issue that was discovered in July. In the meantime, the certificate issuers have started replacing PKIoverheid leaf certificates.

If your process depends on PKIoverheid leaf certificates that are replaced, your process could come to a standstill or be disrupted. NCSC-NL recommends that you investigate whether changes in your ICT process are necessary, and that you centrally coordinate these changes. The necessary changes will concern the way in which software in your ICT process checks leaf certificates.

For certificate holders: If your PKIoverheid leaf certificates need to be replaced, your certificate issuer will contact you. It is not necessary to contact your certicate issuer or Logius.

The newly translated NCSC-NL factsheet 'PKIoverheid is changing: Coordinate the necessary changes in your ICT processes' helps you take inventory of ICT processes that require changes, and to take appropriate measures to prevent disruptions.