24-hour assistance

We are the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for the Netherlands. Organisations can send reports to cert@ncsc.nl.

Our 24-hour assistance is only intended for our primary target groups in central government as well as for the providers of vital processes and critical infrastructure in the Netherlands. This assistance depends on the situation and can comprise:

  • Intake of incident reports via telephone by our specialists.
  • Advice on dealing with IT incidents.
  • Analysis of malicious software (malware) to establish the nature and severity of an infection.
  • Assessment of leaked information (data).
  • Engagement of our national and international network if necessary.
  • Use of specialised software for logging and combating malware.
  • Support from the technical staff of target group organisations.
  • Support to the management of the target organisation by experienced incident response managers.
  • On-site assistance if necessary.